A Voice for the South Sound — Introducing TVF — with help from Bruce Lee

Innovation stems from frustration.

In late 2019 two Tacoma business leaders were frustrated by the lack of opportunities South Sound entrepreneurs have in raising funds to build businesses around their ideas and were determined to do something about it.

At around the same time I was frustrated. I had recently moved to Tacoma and had spent the last 7 years making early stage investments in PacNW companies. A few times a week I hopped from coffee shop to pitch meeting to demo day to office hours in the endless merry-go-round that is the life of a full time angel investor. The problem was, while I had access to great companies and entrepreneurs, I was unable to make the impact I wanted, and did not have a platform to fully express my voice as an early stage investor.

“Are you going to make your obstacles stepping stones to your dreams, or stumbling blocks because unknowingly you let [negativity], worries, fear, and so forth to take, over you?”– Bruce Lee

After a seemingly endless number of interviews and coffees, calls, and meetings I landed in the office of Tacoma Venture Fund. For me there was no decision to be made and no discussion to be had. My only thought was “let’s do this!” Since then we have been stealthily laying the foundation for what is OUR new venture, the Tacoma Venture Fund. Feel free to call us TVF.

“…in every big thing or achievement there [are] always obstacles, big and small, and the reaction one shows to such obstacles is what counts, not the obstacle itself” — Bruce Lee

Our aim is two-fold: 1.) to provide our investors with an institutional platform to make early stage investments in companies in our network (exposure to great deals) 2.) to give access and opportunity to local entrepreneurs and bring economic development to the South Sound.

Our objective is simple: we want to be a top early stage institutional investment option for companies in the Pacific Northwest and to be a financial partner for the investors and entrepreneurs in Pierce, Kitsap, Thurston and King counties.

As we emerge from stealth, we realize we have only taken a few steps on our journey of 1000 miles. We’ve established a core group of investors and stakeholders who I am honored to represent and collaborate with. For your early faith and trust we are honored and grateful. But we need more help. I am calling on all those interested in participating in our mission to join us. Feel free to contact us at and let us know what you are looking to create.

For those whose voices have not been heard, we are listening. Feel free to reach out and book a . Let’s Go, While We’re Young!



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Dennis Joyce

Investor, Tacoma Venture Fund (TVF), not a professional writer — there will be mistakes